6+ Online Games To Download For Free In 2021

If you are new to the world of online games, we recommend you get started with free games rather than buying games that you may find too difficult. The fact is that when you are a beginner, you may easily get the wrong game and waste your money. You should gain knowledge of online games, understand how they work, get familiar with what senior video gamers suggest on specific blog pages. Only after some time, you'll be able to see when a game is perfect for you.

Getting Acquainted With The Gaming World

For your initial gaming experience, we recommend you try only free games. You can know when a game is free very easily as this information is usually displayed on the game's icon wherever the game is offered. By the way, you can find a lot of games on official pages as well as on minor sites that are game-oriented. The game is the same, only the location is different but this won't affect your download process anyway.

Also, there are so many game categories to choose from and even strategic casino games like blackjack and poker can be played for free online.  These types of free games are especially popular in countries where gambling for money is illegal. The selection varies between sites and you would prefer a site you don't need to register to play at. The disadvantage is that your gaming preferences are not kept and you need to search for your favorite free game each time you visit the site. We should also mention that free games are available in all languages including Arabic, Thai, and even Japanese from the major global operators like 888. 

You may like adventure games, arcade games, racing games, or sports games. For all these categories, you will certainly find a lot of titles that are pretty worth you try them. Oh, sure, you will find so many free games that you will take months to complete all of them, so let's get started with the following titles. We've thought to include a few games for each main category, so everyone can find one to try.

  1. Bubble Shooter Extreme
    You probably already know this name, Bubble Shooter Extreme is a web-based version of the worldwide popular Bubble Shooter game. This web-based version is packed with high-quality graphics and quite more complex gaming functions. If you are skilled in computer games, you will complete Bubble Shooter Extreme without any particular difficulty. The game consists of shooting 2 or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear, so the more you can shoot, the more scores you get.

  2. Car Driving Stunt Game 3D
    Here is a thrilling and amazing car racing game in 3D. If you love challenges, this game is surely the best option for you. Collect diamonds to unlock fast cars and start the challenge of driving like a pro. You can choose your favorite car from a selection of beautiful off-road cars. This game is even more than about racing!

  3. Flight Simulator C120 Training
    Do you love flying high in the sky? This game is a virtual simulator that will take you flying like a legendary military aviation member. You will learn how to control warplanes while taking risky missions. Your piloting skills will improve in no time by playing Flight Simulator C120 Training. Also, you'll feel like a pro on board of the most impressive warplanes of all time.

  4. Daily Farm Mahjong
    It's a farming game, probably a very simple one that even children can play. But thanks to its simplicity, this game can boast a lot of downloads all over the world. The game consists of puzzling your way through various cities. You can also experience the Marathon Mode gameplay which has 100 levels to unlock with new challenges.

  5. Save The Whale
    Whales call for our help and you can try your best to save them from hunters with this game. Help the whales by avoiding all harpoons, bombs, and bullets. You can gain more power by catching sharks, while catching a shield you can take bullets without losing your life. It's an amazing game for those who love whales and sea life.

  6. Forge of Empires
    This game takes you back to the Stone Age where you'll live under a tent. Your goal is to build and expand your city, so you have to work hard all through the game. It's an attractive game to play if you love long-term tasks that require your daily efforts. Of course, you are the only ruler of your city that will reflect your building skills.

Along with these games, you can also download for free a lot of more titles… you can explore a totally new field of different games for every category. Make sure to read the game description before you start downloading or try the game directly online to see if you like it 

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