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Join Alex on her deadly solo-mission to expose the mysteries of planet Vandermire. Absorb organic abilities to expand your combat and movement capabilities beyond anything you’ve seen before. The entire universe is at stake.

A mission that’s expected to be your last:
Planet Vandermire, the ancestral home of the extinct “Magna” species, is suspected to be the source of the ever expanding Corruption; a universal threat to all life in the universe. Alex is “lucky” number 13 of volunteering Space Crusaders, ready to give their life in deadly solo-expeditions on the planet’s surface. Mission “Exodus” empowers individuals with a unique high technology AI suit in order to gather as much information as possible, before falling to the Corruption. It is hoped that with each attempt, scientists can increase the time of survival on the surface and find a solution to contain the Corruption.

Collect alien morphs to expand your abilities:
While Alex explores the planet, every enemy encounter can change your experience! By absorbing alien “morphs”, you gather new moves and powers that can literally turn the world upside down.

Improve your unique AI-powered suit:
Upgrade your suit powers and maximise weapon impact, life support and combat agility. The high tech suit includes an AI voice that will help Alex on her journey.

Ranged weapons and melee combat:
Use your most powerful ranged weapons and combine them with fast close combat moves. It’s a breeze to switch between both.

Explore Vandermire:
This foreign planet is full of varied biomes. Scout every corner of this beautiful but dangerous alien world in order to collect more information about the origins of the Corruption.

Explore Planet Vandermire

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